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Carolyn's Background


I read once, when you aren’t sure what you should be doing, go back to what you love. The article talked about considering what you loved doing as a child … well, I love quilting and fabric, and I always have. Even as a young girl, my favourite place to visit was a fabric store.


As an adult I worked as a social worker for 13 years in a very stressful "heart demanding" specialty. I completed a masters degree in counselling, and shortly thereafter met my husband, got married and now we have two terrific boys. We live in beautiful Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. I have been at home raising our sons, and now that they are more independent, I felt it was time to learn a new skill.

I quilt a lot, but I was rarely able to complete my quilts without the help of the longarm quilting service at my local quilt shop. So I decided to invest in a longarm quilting machine. My initial goal was to be able to complete my quilts from beginning to end myself. The digital edge to edge quilting process was so much fun, it occurred to me that this could become a business for me. For years, I’ve considered having a creative business but every idea I considered just didn’t feel right. This feels soooo right. I am so happy when I am working in my longarm studio. Having a longarm quilting business feels like a "heart fulfilling" venture. As a client, I believe you will come to appreciate the care, and attention to detail that I give every quilt. 

Where did the name Whitney Oaks Designs come from? Years ago, I wanted a way to record and share all of my creative efforts, but I am private by nature. So my husband and I decided to brain storm names I could use as my "handle" on Instagram while still maintaining some privacy. My husband came up with the name. We live on Whitney Ave., our century old home has lots of beautiful old oak trim, thus Whitney Oaks Designs was born ... I like it, I hope you do too.

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