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Hi, I’m Carolyn Guy, owner and operator of Whitney Oaks Designs, Longarm Quilting Services. I am located on Whitney Avenue in Sydney, Nova Scotia, on beautiful Cape Breton Island.

I have been sewing and quilting most of my life.


I remember as a young girl cutting squares of fabric from my mother’s stash to sew together to make quilts. Back then, the only way for me to ensure the three layers of my quilt stayed together was to use a large needle, yarn and tuft the layers together where the squares met. I’ve come along way since those days!

I offer digital edge to edge longarm quilting services. Some also reference it as long arm quilting or long-arm quilting, digital quilting or computerized quilting. Whatever the term, the result is a completed quilted quilt top. If you aren’t sure what all this means, it is simple. I have a large, specially designed sewing machine and table that accommodates all sizes of quilts. The computer that accompanies my machine allows us to choose a stitching design that will best compliment and enhance your quilt top. The stitching designs are made to repeat providing an all over stitching design. The longarm machine and the computer work together to stitch out beautiful designs on your quilt, while providing you with a final product that will be long lasting. You will be able to choose from my library of pantographs. We can consult regarding which designs appeal most to you. An added bonus is that I am quick and efficient, so I get your quilt back to you with little wait time. So let's get your quilts finished and ready for cuddling.

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