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Hello My Quilting Friends

I wanted to reach out, while respecting social distancing ... and sending an email update... seemed like a good way to do it.


I love the message this quilt conveys. We need to practice these habits more now than ever.

An update from Whitney Oaks Designs

I hope this email finds all of you well, and coping with all the changes we are experiencing. Lately, I have heard so many people say "we are living in strange times." I've heard it on the radio, and on the television. I've seen it referenced on social media posts. It is a stressful time indeed. I will admit, I am a creature of habit, and change has always been challenging for me. I've learned over the years, that I manage stress and change best when I keep to my routines, stay close to those I love, and I CREATE. So what am I doing these days with the kids home??? We're playing board games & doing puzzles, baking, watching movies, playing music and....I'm QUILTING. I hope you're quilting too, it's a great way to feed your soul, and calm your worries.

If you are following me on social media, you will have seen some of my latest finishes, and a few of my personal projects. Coming up... I'm going to be doing a series of posts introducing a number of new and exciting pantographs that you may want to use for your next project. If you aren't following me yet on social media, check out the information below to find me on Facebook and Instagram. Take care, keep in touch, and keep quilting.


Check Me Out On Social Media

You can find me on Facebook at Whitney Oaks Designs be sure to LIKE my page so that you will see all of my quilty posts.

If you are on Instagram you can find me @whitneyoaksdesigns I post additional photos of completed customer quilts, and I post my own personal quilting projects as well. If you aren't on IG just go to my website home page and scroll to the bottom to see all my IG posts.

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